Protecting your Income

How much money will you receive if you are off sick long term ?

I recently read a great article by  and it made reference to Percy the Protection Calculator.

Percy the protection calculator is a tool aimed at the general public, it was initially launched by the ABI in February 2019.

It has been designed to help consumers obtain an estimation of likely income, if they become injured or ill and as a consequence are unable to work.

This is a great tool for working out how much money you would receive in the event of long term sickness

To view this calculator click here

As I mentioned in my previous posts, always make sure you double check the benefits that your employer provides.

This might come as a shock to a lot of people, as the benefits your employer provides, may not be a generous as you think.

You may end up relying on the state if you are off sick long term.

The calculator gives you an indication of what benefits you may recieve.

I think you will find the results of the calculator really helpful, and for some a bit frightening!


Ensuring that you protect your income in the event of long term sickness, should be at the top of your list of priorities, if you haven’t already done so.

The financial impact for many people in the event of a sustained period of little or no income would be devasting.

The cost of protecting your income may be more affordable than you think, the price you pay for not having cover could be disastrous.

As always I am always available to help or answer any questions you may have.

Look after yourself & look after your money.


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